About Us

Hi and thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about us. Now where to start, so we are a family owned trading card business established in 2021, don't let that fool you however. We have been involved in Sports and Entertainment trading cards for quite a while, if I mention Topps ABC Civil War or Mars Attacks I think that's a fair starting point from a collecting point of view.

Catching up to more recent times both me and Jon started our own collections dating back around about 22-24 years ago when I was at university and Jon was beginning his life long obsession with Sports of all types. We bought our first box of Sports Cards from a collectors fair at the NEC in Birmingham, this was a 1997 Upper Deck SPX box. Anyone who knows about this era will instantly recognise the Die Cut Holographic cards in this set and the fact that it does have Kobe Bryant rookies in the set. Needless to say from the moment we pulled our first Kobe and Michael Jordan cards we were hooked.

Now as for Swift Sports Cards and our Swift Breaks group, as a family we have often talked about the possibility of starting our own trading card business and with the events of 2020 we all agreed life is too short so lets go for it. So with that Swift Sports Cards has arrived to deliver a full service hobby store experience here in the U.K. We will be offering box breaks of the latest products from multiple sports based on the demand created by our customers so do expect NFL American Football, NBA Basketball, Soccer / Football, MLB Baseball and maybe even some entertainment breaks if that's what you'd like. We will also begin to offer more and more sealed product options for Sports and Entertainment cards as new sets are released.

So thanks for reading this and as always follow us on Social media and keep in touch whilst we build this hobby within the U.K. all together.